Saturday, June 2, 2012


...because it's my first post here.  That's pretty amazing to me considering I've wanted to start blogging again for 3 very long years.  I find it pretty surreal actually.  My life has come full circle over the last three years. One of these days I might even tell you that particular story.  What matters now is that I'm here.  And hopefully there is a few people someone who just might want to read a bit of my drivel, but if not then I'm completely content to talk to myself. That's what I do most days anyway.

Once I figure out where to find and fill out the 'About Me' page then I can let you know a little more...well...about me. Unfortunately, I'm still the technological boob that I've always been so it may take me a while.  Or a year. Give or take a few months.

Some of you are new here and some of you aren't.  Some of you read THIS blog .... the one that I left when I started my photography business.  I really loved that blog and frankly, it gives a lot of information about who I am.  It also gives a little insight into the crazy that I love to call my family. If you've never read it, then go look around.  Blog stalking is alright by me.

Well, that's as crazy as it gets for my first post, y'all. Independence Day is on the TV and I'm a little distracted by all the alien dissection going on at the moment.  That and there's a sink full of dirty dishes that are just aching to be clean.  Oh wait, that's me. I need a shower really bad.  The dishes just need to be washed.

Until next time...


  1. :) first to comment on the first post...on this blog ;)

  2. WooHoo!!! Site now bookmarked.

  3. Ready for more! And you're not a technological boob. ! :)