Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Quippy

Okay. So 'quippy' is totally not a word, but look at it this way...I just made a new one!

Ever since I joined bloggy land with the Internets many, many moons ago, I've always wanted to host one of those cute, themed, particular-day-of-the-week posts that everyone looks forward to.  You know, 'Wordless Wednesday' - which never worked for me, by the way because I always have something to say Or how about Works-for- Me Wednesday where everyone shares ... well..what works for them!  I'm not sure why I picked two Wednesday things, but you get my drift.

Anyway, I debated and debated and debated, ate some pistachios and debated some more.

(I've realized that I'm much too immature to come up with something legit.)

I would think of things like:

Moron Monday where we talk about those morons we've encountered over the previous week and weekend.  Not very Christian-like I'm afraid.  Fun, but totally not spiritual. (My friend Anita is saying, "DANG" right now. She would've loved that one.)

Terrific Tuesdays. Much too happy. And what if Tuesday actually sucked a little.

We Cleaned Something Wednesdays. Nah.

Theological Thursdays. Now...before you snort your Cheerios, hear me out.

I kind of liked this one. You know, take a day to tone it down, open up discussion about things, give my thoughts on particular subjects, etc..  The problem was that it seemed very contrived.  If the Spirit leads me to say something, I want to be willing to write about it and say it. But what I don't want is to be sweating over my computer keys like some pimply faced seminary kid trying to finish a term paper on Paedobaptism vs. Credobaptism - To Dunk or Not to Dunk. If it's forced it's just not worth it.

And I bet y'all are totally Googling what paedobaptism and credobaptism are, huh?  HA!

And lastly, I thought about...

Summer Fun Friday. And I liked it.  I realized that I would change it during the the Fall, Winter and Spring, but I liked it.  It would be and easy, laid back post, one on which to head into the weekend. And so I edited some pictures of the girls and arranged them just so and got them all ready to post on Summer Fun Friday... and then...

...realized it was Thursday!

The worst part about the whole thing? The worst part was sitting here really trying to figure out what day of the week it was. For about 10 minutes. No lie.

So now I've changed my mind and think I'll start calling it Stupid Things You Do Over Forty Fridays. Half my readers would totally get it and the other half would probably just say ....'Eww'.

I'll be back Friday with my legitimate Summer Fun Friday post, but for now I need to go look for my glasses.

Which will probably be on top of my head.

Taken by my Birdie age 3. :)

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