Thursday, July 26, 2012


Age is a funny thing.

We spend our childhood wanting nothing BUT to be older. We usually enjoy our 20's and 30's while not appreciating them and then inevitably, want the clock to slow waaay down once 40 starts showing up on our radar.

Me, personally?  I'm good.

I remember turning 40 and going into an all out panic because I was 40! My life was so over. Where's the cemetery plot.

Phtfffffffff. Whatever.

I turned 43 this year and frankly, I wear it as a badge of honor.  I've managed to raise two kids now who, by the grace of God alone, are pretty decent human beings with an above average (I believe) moral compass.  And they only need occasional therapy.

I still have 4 more under my roof, so the opportunity to completely screw those 4 up is still in the cards, however I don't stress about it near as much as I did 20 years ago when I only had one under my roof.  This is one of the joys of being over 40.

I now have the freedom to not give a rat's patooty what other people think of me.  Especially other mothers. Am I perfect? Why yes. Yes I am. Oh I kid...of course I'm not.  My little girls don't go to bed on time..EVER, my 3 1/2 year old still wets herself on a daily basis and it's not unheard of that I will, on occasion, throw out a bribe to get the girls to do things for me.

Does this make me a bad mother?

I guess that depends on who you're talking to. As for me, I'm not really concerned with what others think.  Here's why: I have enough age and experience under my belt to know that 1. my little girls will eventually start getting more regular in their bedtime routine. 2. Charlie will get completely potty trained at some point. I've yet to have a 4 year old pee pee pants. And 3. There is nothing wrong with kids occasionally making a little money on the side. Especially when mom has had it and needs a break.

I realize that this line of thinking has some people gasping... and that's okay. Take a few deep breaths, put your head between your legs if you have to and then tell yourself "It's going to be okay" about 3 times.

Feel better?

See, here's the thing.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, I let other people steal my joy away from me where my children were concerned, where my house was concerned, where my spiritual level was concerned and even where my marriage was concerned.  I spent so much time comparing myself to this person and that person that I wasn't taking the opportunity to enjoy what the good Lord had put right before me!

Age and experience have given me not only the confidence, but the sense to realize that time is fleeting and we've only got one shot at this life so why spend one more minute comparing ourselves to someone else?  Here's a tip: we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Or outside of blogs.

mmmhhhmmm...stepped on some toes there.

Really now girls (yes, I'm speaking to the ladies here). STOP. WITH. THE. COMPARING.  Enjoy your babies! Enjoy your little laugh lines! Enjoy the experience that comes with age! I won't say you have to enjoy your gray hair, because I certainly don't enjoy mine and take every opportunity possible to color and highlight it.

Some things are meant to be colored. Hair is one of them.

All of that to say this: 43 doesn't bother me. 44 won't either and neither will 45. Besides, I've got enough on my plate at this very moment without worrying about what 44 will look like. I suspect however, that it will look much like 43 with the exception of the fact that I will finally have a pair of glasses with bifocals built in.

Losing the ability to read things at a normal distance sucks as you get older. This I will not sugar coat nor deny. Never make fun of some one who wears bifocals. It will come back to bit you in the spades.

I'm sorry I ever made fun of you, Mrs. Riffee. Please know that God, does in fact, have a sense of humor.

Anyway, the 43rd birthday was uneventful.  It was spent with my family, which is pretty much the way I like it best.

I did make my own cake because Monk forgot to order one.  I used Trader Joe's chocolate cake mix which was to die for and then I made my own homemade chocolate buttercream, which was to die for as well. No lie.

Monk and the girls bought me a Keurig, but I don't think I like it. The  coffee is SOOO unbelievably strong. Anyone else have one and like it? Don't like it? Any helpful coffee tips?

My day in the pictures is forthcoming...and in case you're birthday is on July 4th which is why everyone is in red, white and blue.

And yes, I love my birthday.  My mom was having a 'blast' when I was born. I was a little 'firecracker'. I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.  I've heard them all.  And I still like them.

I might have sort of went a little overboard in cake pictures. You want cake now, don't you?

Sometimes, photography props work great around the house. 

This kid melts my buttah...


The single best reason to children.

Aging isn't a terrible thing.

Well except the whole bifocal thing...that's bad. Really bad.

Age is just the natural progression of life.  And as with most things, one's perception of  it will pretty much determine how much one enjoys it.

Me?  I'll be the old lady with the bright red lipstick and leopard purse the size of a tank. I  won't be growing old quietly.

All that to say this: I'm not old. I don't consider myself old. Frankly, I'm fairy immature for most women in their 40's.  I'm okay with that.  I do consider myself experienced and wiser and for me...that's awesome.

You know that whole hind sight is 20/20 thing?

It's true.


  1. I love my Keurig. If you use the BOLD coffee, make the biggest cup possible. You may even want to pour them into two cups and add a bit of hot water (which you can get from the Keurig). I've gotten down to one cup of coffee per day, and this is perfect for me. And I drink hot tea, so again, perfect.
    Also, I've got some Apple Cider K-cups I'll bring you - dang diet!

  2. I was just talking about the very topic of your blog today with my sister. I am just at the age where I don't CARE what people think. I know me and I am starting to like me pretty well! So, if I end up old and alone. Oh well, at least I will enjoy the company! :)